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Small parts Automotive parts (for lubrication systems) Automotive parts (for cooling systems)
 We challenge every shape for small parts.

Pipe diameter Ф4.75 -Ф 60.5
Bending radius R 1D -
 By using special brazing we uniquely developed, we can produce complex shaped parts. With the minimum bending radius that is the top-level in Japan, we can satisfy your requests.

 By swaging, bulging, and beading flange, we challenge every shape. Our helium leak testing equipment we uniquely developed is highly appraised for its reliability.

Specially machined parts Automotive parts (for intake and exhaust systems) Frames
 Hydroforming allows special shapes to be formed. Additionally, cutting of the machining center allows us to produce various products.

 A certain length of equable passage is required for automotive intake and exhaust systems. By using our welding technology accumulated over a long time, assemblage is realized with high reliability.  By using technology with some consideration of strain and deformation after machining, or by hydroforming technology, we can produce highly accurate frames to manufacture pipes.
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