Adding our unique technology to the latest facilities, we seek production having higher efficiency and higher quality.

To satisfy customer demands, we aggressively work to introduce special machining.

Brazing machine with temperature sensor

We attach a laser type temperature sensor to the specialized machine for brazing or to the robot brazing machine. This allows us to control the temperature of the product and achieve high accuracy welding with reliability.
Helium leak testing equipment

We developed a helium leak testing equipment instead of visual inspection. This allows us to detect a leakage which we can't find by visual inspection (The detection capability is better than visual inspection by approximately 10 times).
Continuous mesh belt brazing furnace

It is difficult to weld products whose wall thickness is thin or whose shape is complex. The continuous mesh belt brazing furnace, however, can braze it in a modified gas atmosphere (of 1120). Also we can realize stable mass production.
Hydroforming machine

@By using plastic forming with liquid pressure, we can reduce the welded portion or bend a product as much as possible. By using the forming machine with a 5000kN mold clamping mechanism, we manufacture joints of a large frame to make high accuracy assemblage.
Geomet painting machine

@This is a surface treatment machine having better corrosion resistance and heat resistance. This spray type machine only paints surfaces.
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