We offer a wide range of pipe bending and special machining.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

¡Machining technology
œPipe machining
@Please ask us for manufacturing trial products. We can perform bending using a CNC bender or manual bending machine. We offer end finishing such as flaring, beading and flanging as well as finishing cuts.

œDesigning and manufacturing of metal moulds and jigs
@By using our experience and actual results accumulated over a long time, we offer consistent manufacturing from trial production to mass production. We can satisfy a wide range of your demands for every product, not limited to automotive parts.

@We try to reduce your cost by using existing metal molds.

œWelding technology
@We can offer special brazing, MAG welding and TIG welding, depending on the material.

œMeasuring technology
@We perform reliability tests in our plant, such as an accurate measurement, tensile tests and vibration tests. We offer total support to trial production, using non-contact optical 3D digtizers and 3D measuring devices.

From receiving your inquiry, we have a consistent workflow to shipment.
¡Contact us

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