Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture, JAPAN, Pipe machining company TOMEI CO., LTD. / Pipe bending, Special machining, and Trial production of metal moulds and jigs as well as Copper brazing
A pipe connects the future.
We have been in business for 60 years. Our state of the art technology allows us to create your future.

Machining pipes is a substantial part of what we do, mainly for automotive parts. For pipe bending, we can satisfy your demands such as designing of metal molds and jigs, end finishing, every kind of welding and assemblage.
Automotive parts
(for cooling systems)

By using STKM, SUS and aluminum pipes, we perform bending, piercing, flaring and swaging. We challenge every shape. With the minimum bending radius in Japan, something that seems impossible so far can be changed into something possible.
Automotive parts
(for lubrication systems)

With special steel pipe machining and special brazing with copper paste, we can perform brazing on any unique shape with flexibility and high accuracy. We produce our helium leak testing equipment that is highly appraised for its reliability without any leaks.
Automotive parts
(for intake and exhaust systems)

A certain length of equable passage is required for automotive intake and exhaust systems. By using our welding technology accumulated over a long time, assemblage is realized with high reliability.
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